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  • What is Balance by Olivia Alexa?
    Balance by Olivia Alexa LLC is a herbal based company founded by Olivia Alexa in 2018. We offer holistic herbal products that supplement the mind/body connection.
  • Are your products vegan?
    Yes, all of our products are 100% Vegan.
  • What are wildcrafted herbs and why are they important?
    Wildcrafted ingredients are naturally non-GMO and organic. Because they grow under ideal natural conditions, they contain all the nutrients that nature intended them to have and we in turn benefit from those properties. When plants are grown commercially, we manipulate the natural way that the plants grows — even when it comes to commercial organic and non-GMO crops. They add fertilizers, often harvest crops too early for transportation, and even spray the plants with chemicals (whether organic compounds or synthetic) to make them ripen when required. You find that a orange grown commercially has different properties from the orange that grows in the wild. The same applies to plants and herbs. Wildcrafted ingredients are the opposite. They are ingredients that are derived from plants grown in the wild. Plants that grow in the wild are the closest to freely growing the way nature intended as you can get. Simply put: Wildcrafting is more sustainable, ethical and better for you.
  • What is your return policy?
    Due to sanitary and safety reasons we do not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges. If your item(s) was/were damaged during transit a new package will be sent out upon return of the damaged package. To place a damaged package claim please send a email to: within 7 days of receiving your package. Please include your name, detailed description of the damage with photos, and the order and tracking number. ​
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